Owl Tissue Wreath for Baby Shower Party Pack

I sell party packs on Etsy.com, you can visit my store to see the different styles I offer. One of the options is a Tissue Wreath. I first saw this on A Blissful Nest Blog.  The first time I made this wreath, it turned out just okay. I started the wreath and slowly ran out of tissue paper, which ended making it heavy on one side compared to the other.  I figured out a quick fix, just wish I thought of this sooner!  (secret instructions below)

It’s actually very simple to do overall, and the end result is cute!  I have a Cricut Machine, so it was easy to start the owl theme.  All you need is a styrofoam wreath, tissue paper (I used 3 different colors), scissors and a hot glue gun.  Simply cut out your tissue paper into squares and you’re ready to start.

Owl Tissue Wreath

Owl Tissue WreathNow for the secret, I start by punching holes into the wreath. It makes it so you don’t worry that it’ll turn out lopsided or that you might run out of tissue.

I start with 3 holes across and then punch the holes staright across from each other on the wreath, then start to fill in between as I go around the wreath. Basically find the halfway point both vertically and horizontally on the wreath, this will keep everything even, you’ll have the same amount of holes on one side as the other.

Owl Tissue Wreath


Once you have the holes done, you can start adding your tissue paper. Simply twist the ends of the paper, add a dab of hot glue to the tip, and place in the designated spot.Owl Tissue Wreath

This next step is not really necessary, but I like to add a little more depth to the wreath, so I’ll punch a hole around the outer edge, and the inner edge, then add more tissue paper. Just makes it a little more fluffy!

Owl Tissue Wreath

I also alternate colors.  In this case it’s white, dark pink, light pink and over and over again.  When I punch the holes the first time around, I’ll make sure there is the perfect amount to repeat the pattern.

Owl Tissue Wreath

Once your wreath is filled, add a ribbon so you can hang it, and glue on your centerpiece. Voila! You’ll be surpised how cute this turns out and how many people love it! Adds a little something to every party!

Owl Tissue Wreath


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